Professor Bashar Nuseibeh


This is my personal academic webpage and is a work-in-progress. It may never be complete, and will always be out of date.

I am a Professor of Computing at The Open University, where I head a Software Engineering & Design research (SEAD) group, and a former Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Limerick, where I served as Chief Scientist of Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre, and lead a multi-institutional software engineering research group (SPARE). I am also an Honorary Professor at University College London (UCL), and a Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan, and University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Previously, I was a Reader (Associate Professor) in Computing at Imperial College London, where I was Head of its Software Engineering Laboratory, and was subsequently a Visiting Professor there.

I am primarily a software engineering researcher specialising in requirements engineering & design, security & privacy, and engineering adaptive systems. However, my interests are broad and interdisciplinary, with collaborations and influences from the social sciences and other branches of physical engineering. My goal is to investigate ways in which software can be developed to enable pro-social behaviour and lived experiences. This includes investigating ways in which to develop and deploy software that is dependable, usable, and useful.